About Me

Chinese Name: 郑佳音 (Zheng Jiayin)

English Name: Jenny

Nationality: Chinese American/American Chinese

Languages: Chinese – Absolutely native fluent in speaking, can read and type, can’t handwrite much (some, but not much)

English – Like a native in speaking but slower than a native, but definitely 300% better writer than Chinese

Little bit of Spanish and French, just enough so I could travel around.

Born: Huanggang, Hubei, China, a small town just outside of Wuhan, known for its horribly difficult, soul-crash exam problems that will just perplex any hardcore Chinese student.  No wonder students coming out of there are so smart.  My mom and uncle are among those people.

Hometown: Plano, Texas, USA. My family moved there when I was 12, and my parents have been settled there ever since

Current place: Beijing, China

Why did you end up here: I figured if I knew Argentina better than where I was born, it’s time to learn about where I was from.  China is a country booming with opportunities, and it’s also fun to travel in here.

What are you doing now:  I’m a Chinese-English translator and proofreader.  It’s the first job I landed in China.  I was an actuarial analyst for insurance companies in the States for some odd 4 years.  Then I started traveling full time and decided to live elsewhere for a while.

Hobbies:  Swing dance – east coast, lindyhop, west coast, a little bit of blue and balboa.

Travel – into the woods, backpack & hitchhike adventure, get lost in middle of nowhere, learning about unique, non-western cultures (I get western culture the minute I lift my head up, boring.)

Running – prepares for my next trekking trip, losing a bit of body fat while getting an endorphin injection for the day

Doing fun stuff – festivals, parties, social events that pass out free stuff, wine tasting (and get drunk from it), arcades (because I could win free stuff while having fun)


The most important thing to me: my family

Weird food you’ve tried: dragonfly – and it’s delicious, poky but delicious!

Most unique place you’ve been – Antarctica, it’s a huge hit to my limited travel fund, but I never did and never will regret it

Where would you like to go again – my sweet home in Texas, so that I could watch the sunset changing color on the lake

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Jenny,

    I enjoyed meeting and dancing with you at DFW ProAm Jam. We had so much fun there that I’ve already reserved the same table for next year. I hope you’ll be able to swing through Dallas again then.

    p.s. Great blog, by the way.

    • Hey Rick! I will have a few photos from DFW Proam Jam up soon too. Thanks for stopping by, I hope I will be there next year too.

    • ..and just so if you end up in somewhere wacky in my blog… I was just testing my blog during the last few hours, everything back to running just now. :)