Question and Answer

1. I always see your new post come out after the date printed on the post itself, what’s up with that?

While I am a dedicated blogger, but I also have a life.  A lot of times a post takes several days to make, because I have to reorganize the photos, cut and edit them to come up with a clean story line. I always date the blog by the date I released the photos from my camera or the date of the last photo taken on that camera.  Sometimes I got quite a few different materials piled up that I have to reorganize them into several posts.  Hence you would see several of them released around the same time according to the date of the last photo taken in the post.


2.  Would you ever consider move your travel photos to Facebook again?

I am thinking about that. But Facebook is blocked in China so it would be a bit tricky to get all of them up there.  Plus, now that I’m getting more Chinese friends in Beijing than ever, I need a common platform to supply photos for my Facebook friends and non-Facebook friends. Since not very place in the world is well-documented, I also wanted to use this website as the main platform to supply other travelers who aren’t my Facebook friends the travel information they need.



3. Would you consider taking pictures of me off of your website?

Although I haven’t really got any request like that, but if anyone doesn’t like his/her image posted on my blog, let me know.  It will be done within 24 hours under normal circumstances.


4. Your website takes too long to load.

This website contains some 50,000-60,000 full size JPG images, so it’s actually bigger than you think.  Not to mention the front page could take up to 100 pictures by itself.  I’m looking into this issue now.  Hopefully we’ll get this resolved soon.