Plano Ballon Festival

We knew there is a hot balloon festival right in the park behind our house since we moved here 20 years ago, but we have never visited it. Since I am here this September, I talked my parents into visiting the festival. Mom decided to check it out with me.  


The park right behind our house, where we can see hot balloons going up once a while. Cutting through the park trails instead of driving saves us a lot of trouble.


After a 20 minute walk, we found the festival on the other side of the bridge. “I hope the bridge gate is open, or we will have to go home and take our car and drive all the way around it.” mom said.


The bridge is open.


Spring Creek, the little creek running east-west of Plano, gave the name to a major artery in the city, Spring Creek Parkway.


A little more walk after crossing the bridge and we are in!



What is fried pies?


I saw those in Puerto Rico before.


Everyone is around the balloons.


Lighting up the ballons.


My favorite skunk! This is one huge hot balloon – much bigger than most of the others. To hold it down you needed a basket full of people and a few hanging outside.

DSCN9487 (2)DSCN9487 (3)

Dim, Light.


Concert pavilion in case you are bored of the ballons.